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 When word spread that Celine was coming to The Oprah Show, some devoted fans pulled out all the stops to get a seat in the audience. One of the most creative campaigns was led by Brittany, a North Georgia College freshman.

This determined coed covered her campus with "Help Me Meet Celine" fliers that asked students, teachers and total strangers to write to Oprah on her behalf. Her efforts paid off! She's not just getting a ticket to the show...she's also getting a huge surprise from her favorite singer.

Brittany and her friends gather in their dorm lounge for what they think is movie night. Then, the TV turns on and Celine appears on the screen! "Hi, Brittany. It's Celine Dion," she says. "I have big news for you. Listen closely. I want you to tell all your professors that you won't be in class for one day next week because you're coming to Chicago to The Oprah Show, and you have two front row seats. So go pack your bags, and I'll see you in Chicago, girl!"

"Oh, my God," Brittany says. "Oh, my God."

Cameras follow Brittany to her dorm room for a peek at her Celine Dion collection. The walls are covered with Celine posters, while the shelves are filled with everything from Celine coasters and magnets to Celine lotion and perfume! "When I go to bed tonight, I'm going to lay back, probably just thinking about how great this night has been," she says. "This is what I've dreamed of since forever."
FROM: Fan Dreams Come True with Celine Dion
Published on November 12, 2007


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