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No doubt, Gwen Stefani is rock's reigning queen. Gwen was just a girl from Orange County when she became the lead singer for a garage band started by her brother, prophetically called No Doubt. Her over-the-top performances propelled the small local group to worldwide stardom, selling over 30 million records and earning them three Grammys. Now Gwen's going solo with her first album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby., which also lends its name to her clothing line's acronym, L.A.M.B. Not only is her career on fire, Gwen's found true love with husband and fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale. With so many of her dreams coming true, what's it like to be Gwen?

"I think my favorite part is probably just being able to be creative," Gwen says. "I think it just fulfills me to be able to challenge myself and think things up and then see if I can make it happen, and when it does and people like it, it makes me feel…like I'm on this kind of Alice in Wonderland trip."
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Published on February 22, 2005


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