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Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond says she's noticed a pattern about her Oprah Show appearances. "The very first time I did Oprah's show was for postpartum depression. And I was thinking about it—I was crying," she says. "This last time I did her show I was crying. What is that about?"

Marie says she is grateful for the way Oprah conducted the interview about her son's tragic death. "She handled the death of my son in a way that honored him and was very gracious to my other children. As only a woman can do. As only Oprah can do," she says, confiding that when it came time to discuss the subject of her son's passing, "[T]he only place that I would ever want to do that would be Oprah."

"What a gift you have been to millions and millions of people. I was thinking that someday when school children are asked about this time of life and they'll say who really made a big difference in the world ... you know they're going to say Oprah Winfrey. And you have," she says. "God bless you for caring and loving and giving so much of yourself to bless other people's lives, including mine."


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