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Wynonna and Naomi Judd
When the Judds stop by The Oprah Show, we know we're in for some laughs—and Naomi's farewell to Oprah is no exception. "I want to thank Oprah for promoting oral hygiene because I remember that show with the lady who hadn't changed her toothbrush in years…," she recalls.

"Are you serious?" Wynonna asks.

"Yes! It's important! I'm a nurse," Naomi answers. She adds, "I've been studying Eckhart Tolle for actually years, had read some of his book a couple of times: A New Earth. And that's when I realized that Oprah was expanding the consciousness of people that would never ever look outside as wide a range, information and enlightenment."

While Naomi appreciates Oprah's spiritual side, Wynonna says that she loves Oprah's vulnerability. "When she cries, that's the 'real' that I am looking for. Not the famous person, but the little girl who grew up poor, who tried to make a difference in the world and has—and is an American treasure."

Naomi agrees. "She's got a shiny soul," she says.



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