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Diane Sawyer
ABC World News anchor and Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer has done a lot of television in her lifetime but says that her experience with The Oprah Show is something that truly stands out. "If [you've] never been on the show, I would just say one thing: You don't walk into a show. You walk into a cathedral of generosity," she says. "I've done a lot of TV in my long life and there's nothing like that."

For Diane, Oprah's courage and generosity is an inspiration. "I'm inspired by how strong she will be in trying to get the truth," Diane says. "The bravery of saying we have to look at everything and see if we can learn something from absolutely everything—even the things we can't bear to look at."

Even though The Oprah Show is ending, Diane believes that Oprah's positive impact in the world will never cease. "You know the Everest of humanity, heart and help that you created on this earth in the past 25 years," Diane says. "The only thing that is going to be as powerful as that in the world is the next 25 years."



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