John Travolta

1. John Travolta
The first time John Travolta met Oprah, he says, she melted his heart. "As soon as I knew that she loved me, I was home. And I said, 'Okay, this woman really likes me and we're going to have fun." 

Since John doesn't like goodbyes, he has a song for Oprah instead: Don't like goodbyes, tears and sighs. I'm not too good at leaving time. But it says to be, now that your future is looking up, forget your past and go fill your lovin' cup. 'Cause remember, remember living is fine, and the world overhead has a clear moon shine.
Tyler Perry

2. Tyler Perry
For playwright and actor Tyler Perry, the most inspiring and powerful moment on The Oprah Show was when she said it was cathartic to write things down. "That's what started me on my journey to writing," he says.

"I know you think it's time to go [after 25 years]—and I so respect it because you've always been so right when it comes to what is right for you—but there is going to be a huge void left in television," Tyler says. "You've done well. God bless you. I know this is only the beginning, so whatever you do, Godspeed."
Julia Roberts

3. Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts' favorite—and most terrifying—Oprah Show moment was the first time she ever appeared on the show. "I remember when I was on the show for the first time with the entire cast of Steel Magnolias all in one frame, just sitting there thinking this can't be happening to me," she says.

What Julia loves most about Oprah is how her thoughts and teachings have become a part of her viewers' way of life. "It's not even that aha! moment anymore—it's just that feeling of comfort all the time," she says. "She's always there. She always has something positive to say. Something comforting to say. Some inspiration. It's just a constant. It's a constant aha."

Julia has good reasons why she won't say goodbye to Oprah. "I couldn't possibly say farewell because, number one, I'll start crying and I don't have on waterproof mascara," she jokes. "Number two, I'm in denial that she will not be part of my every afternoon. How is it possible? My whole life she has been part of my every afternoon. What a great thing to get to say. I love you, Oprah. I won't say 'goodbye' or 'fare thee well.' I'll just say, 'Call me.'"
Tom Hanks

4. Tom Hanks
When award-winning actor Tom Hanks first appeared on The Oprah Show in 1988, he says, it was a huge deal for him. "Heart racing, heart pounding," Tom says. "You can't believe it's her. There she is. There's Oprah!" Tom went on to appear on the show 16 times, including the episode when he pretended to direct the show.

For Tom, Oprah has been "enlightenment personified." "Men now know how to communicate their feelings to their loved ones because of Oprah," he says. "Kids now know how to tell the truth about what has happened to them because of Oprah. Women will come in and talk about those secret things that have made them unhappy or kept them from their dreams coming true because Oprah has made it possible to answer the questions that everybody has. So Oprah was a pioneer in that way.

"Oprah, we are going to miss you, although you're not going anywhere. It's like you're moving out of the neighborhood. You've been down in that house on the corner for all these years. We've been able to stop by. You had great parties, and now you're leaving the neighborhood. Quite frankly, the street's not gonna be the same without Oprah Winfrey. Love you, girl."
Chris Rock

5. Chris Rock
With 26 appearances, comedian Chris Rock is the second most frequent guest in Oprah Show history—only Celine Dion beats him. Through all the years of making us laugh, Chris says his biggest Oprah Show moment came while promoting his documentary Good Hair—and he found himself running his fingers through Oprah's hair. "To this day, people ask me, 'How does Oprah's hair feel?'" he says. "It's very intimate. It was so thick and rich and I just wanted to stay there. I wanted to move there. At least sublet."

Chris says Oprah changed his life forever. "Because without you, there's no me, there's no a lot of us. A lot of us would have been famous, but there's something about you that made us human and made us people," he says. "I thank you and I can't wait to work with you some more. Let's keep it moving."
Bob Greene

6. Bob Greene
One of the first times Bob Greene was on The Oprah Show, he says, he almost had an out-of-body experience. "I'm looking at Oprah and I'm fascinated because I know I'm watching someone very special—someone who was doing exactly what they were meant to do."

Bob and Oprah have shared many memorable experiences together—including running a marathon side by side in 1994—and Bob says Oprah is like a sister to him. "Oprah, I'm going to tell you something that you already know and that is that you mean the world to me. And while we're saying goodbye to the show, I welcome the next phase of your life with excitement because we're all looking forward to seeing what it brings."
Mary J. Blige

7. Mary J. Blige
R&B singer Mary J. Blige says her first time on The Oprah Show was especially moving for her. "I sang "No More Drama," and [Oprah] came onstage after I'd sung the song, and it was just a really, really emotional moment for me," she says. "I believe we connected that day as well."

Mary J. has nothing but respect and admiration for Oprah as Oprah moves forward after her final season of the show. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here right now," Mary J. says. "Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better woman and inspiring me to be a strong woman like you. I love you. Don't go."

Nicole Kidman

8. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has been on The Oprah Show 11 times, and she says she's basically grown up during that time. "That's an amazing thing to say—to go from my early 20s through to my 40s and have Oprah map it. Not many people can say that."

Along with her fellow Nashville neighbors, Nicole is a big fan of the show and says she's going to miss watching the show every day. "I don't think it's farewell. I just think life has to run its course in certain places, and it's run its course here. But it's kind of a beginning as well. Once again, she paves the way. Thank you."
Hugh Jackman

9. Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman will never forget his first Oprah Show appearance. "We were promoting Australia. Just walking out onstage and Oprah being so warm and so inviting, it was something I'll never forget," he says. "I thought, 'This is about as close as I'll become to feeling like a rockstar.'"

Hugh says Oprah's final season has been the end of an unbelievable run of television. "At some point when you get to look back, I know you're gonna be incredibly proud of how you've given fully of yourself to everybody and done it with love. And that is rare, and that is why your show is so special and why it will be missed," he says. "But, because I know you're still here, then you will keep giving of your spirit in some way, and I look forward to seeing how that unfolds."
Jennifer Aniston

10. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston has many good memories of The Oprah Winfrey Show but says she'll never forget the time she appeared with the cast of Friends. "I remember just being so excited to have that moment of walking out and there she was," she says. "I had been watching Oprah since I was in high school so I was pretty excited and pretty nervous."

Jennifer says The Oprah Winfrey Show will be deeply missed by many, including herself. "She's going on to OWN, but she is leaving Oprah in our homes every day, and it really makes me very sad because it's something that I think we've all grown up with—you and your inspirational words and your fun and your joy and your vulnerability and your honesty," she says. "I love you for that, and we're gonna miss you deeply. Good luck."
Barbara Walters

11. Barbara Walters
As a veteran journalist with 50 years in the business, Barbara Walters helped open the doors for many female broadcasters, including Oprah. "Oprah has said many times that when she was first auditioning for a job, she tried to imitate me. ... So, I have said that I am totally responsible for Oprah's success," Barbara jokes. "Totally."

Kidding aside, Barbara says that she believes Oprah will continue down a path of success well after The Oprah Winfrey Show comes to an end. "I think whatever you do on your 'own' new channel will enrich people's lives. And whatever you do will enrich your own life, for you have never stopped learning, and so you will be successful, my courageous friend," Barbara says. "This I know for sure."

Diane Sawyer

12. Diane Sawyer
ABC World News anchor and Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer has done a lot of television in her lifetime but says that her experience with The Oprah Show is something that truly stands out. "If [you've] never been on the show, I would just say one thing: You don't walk into a show. You walk into a cathedral of generosity," she says. "I've done a lot of TV in my long life and there's nothing like that."

For Diane, Oprah's courage and generosity is an inspiration. "I'm inspired by how strong she will be in trying to get the truth," Diane says. "The bravery of saying we have to look at everything and see if we can learn something from absolutely everything—even the things we can't bear to look at."

Even though The Oprah Show is ending, Diane believes that Oprah's positive impact in the world will never cease. "You know the Everest of humanity, heart and help that you created on this earth in the past 25 years," Diane says. "The only thing that is going to be as powerful as that in the world is the next 25 years."

Jerry Seinfeld

13. Jerry Seinfeld
Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld has a heartfelt farewell message for Oprah. "I don't think that there is anybody better on television or at using the medium to reach people than Oprah has ever been," he says. "My favorite memory from The Oprah Show is really just Oprah's face, and you get to just look in her eyes and see her face in person. The first time you sit next to her, you never forget that."
Queen Rania

14. Queen Rania
Queen Rania of Jordan thanks Oprah for all that she's done to motivate women—young and old—around the globe. "I know that you've inspired so many girls and women all over the world, and you've certainly touched my heart," she says.

She knows how much Oprah will be missed. "I'm not sure how we're going to fill that O-shaped space on our daytime TV viewing. You're a tough act to follow," Queen Rania says. "Goodbye and good luck. ... We're going to miss you very much."

Piers Morgan

15. Piers Morgan
For journalist Piers Morgan, the most inspiring show he's ever seen was her interview with Nelson Mandela, who Piers says "was the greatest figure of the last hundred years." "I met him once for 10 minutes and wished I could have interviewed him," Piers says. "That was a show that will live with me a long time."

Plus, Piers shares his heartfelt gratitude to Oprah. "Oprah, you were my first, you were my best, you'll be the one I always remember in the fondest possible way," he says. "I'm very happy for you. Thank you."
Josh Groban

16. Josh Groban
The first time superstar singer Josh Groban was on The Oprah Show he had a bad case of nerves. As if that wasn't enough, he was hit with laryngitis and tonsillitis—at the same time! "During sound check, my voice was really scratchy, [but] for some reason when I eventually sang, the clouds opened up and I had a voice," Josh says.

Josh says being a part of The Oprah Show was a "hair-raising experience" and one he'll never forget. "Oprah, congratulations from the bottom of my heart for 25 extraordinarily special years. It has been one of the great joys of my life and my career to be apart of the last thank you so much, and here's to 25 more! I know you're not going anywhere."
Paula Deen

17. Paula Deen
The "Queen of Southern Cuisine" sends her well-wishes to Oprah. "I know it's been tiring and exhausting at times for you, but just let me tell you, girl, it was so much appreciated, all that you've given," she says. "It goes without saying that we love you, and best dishes and love for the next step in your journey."

18. Usher
The first time Usher was on The Oprah Show, he says it was like a coming-of-age experience. "This would serve as a highlight in my career and a moment that proved, 'Okay, you made it,'" he says.

Usher tells Oprah the finale of The Oprah Show isn't the end. "I look at it as a new beginning," he says. "Farewell to all of the great memories of the past. Enjoy this moment right now because we know that the future will be much brighter. I look forward to many more years of you. I just want to tell you that I love you and I've enjoyed this time and look forward to the future."
Sissy Spacek

19. Sissy Spacek
The first time Sissy Spacek was on The Oprah Show, she says, she was in the presence of three icons. "So there I was with Demi, Cher and Oprah—I actually don't think I spoke up too much," she says. "I was a little intimidated by the whole experience of being on the show."

Sissy says she's going to miss Oprah. "I think for me and for millions and millions of other people, she's like a girlfriend that we get to have tea with in the afternoon. I'm happy about her network, and I'm happy that she's going to be able to do different things, but I'm sad for us."
Shirley MacLaine

20. Shirley MacLaine
Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine says she got to know Oprah during the long hikes they would take together in California. "She's the greatest listener in the world," she says.

"I will thank her always for her honesty, her respect for her audience and also her ability to go along the rhythms of her own soul," Shirley says. "To me, she has taught me how to teach. Oprah, thank you for sharing your life so that you help others share theirs."
Donald Trump

21. Donald Trump
Oprah's a bigger-than-life person, but the truth is, she's got a tremendous heart, Donald Trump says.

A young, successful Donald made his first appearance on The Oprah Show in 1988. "I think I sort of felt, 'This is really big stuff; this is really big time,'" Donald says.

Over the years, Oprah and Donald have gotten to know each other better. Donald particularly enjoyed when he brought his chef from Mar-a-Lago and they shared his turkey burger recipe. "There's great chemistry. And when there's great chemistry, I guess it's fantastic television, but we just had a great time together," Donald says. "So whether it's a turkey burger or a very serious subject, there's nobody that does it better than Oprah."
Janet Jackson

22. Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson has appeared on The Oprah Show in both happy times—celebrating her 40th birthday—and in sad—sharing her grief over the loss of her brother Michael—but she has always opened up to Oprah with both honesty and heart. Now, after sharing her stories with Oprah and the audience, Janet expresses her gratitude for the impact Oprah has had over her 25-year history.

"You've brought so much joy, so much inspiration, so much love, happiness, very thought-provoking spirituality into so many people's lives—including mine—and I want to thank you for that," she says.

Wynonna and Naomi Judd

23. Wynonna and Naomi Judd
When the Judds stop by The Oprah Show, we know we're in for some laughs—and Naomi's farewell to Oprah is no exception. "I want to thank Oprah for promoting oral hygiene because I remember that show with the lady who hadn't changed her toothbrush in years…," she recalls.

"Are you serious?" Wynonna asks.

"Yes! It's important! I'm a nurse," Naomi answers. She adds, "I've been studying Eckhart Tolle for actually years, had read some of his book a couple of times: A New Earth. And that's when I realized that Oprah was expanding the consciousness of people that would never ever look outside as wide a range, information and enlightenment."

While Naomi appreciates Oprah's spiritual side, Wynonna says that she loves Oprah's vulnerability. "When she cries, that's the 'real' that I am looking for. Not the famous person, but the little girl who grew up poor, who tried to make a difference in the world and has—and is an American treasure."

Naomi agrees. "She's got a shiny soul," she says.

Holly Hunter

24. Holly Hunter
For Holly Hunter, saying farewell to Oprah is not goodbye. "You've made incredible discoveries about yourself, about women, about children. We have all been your witness[es], and I think that we've all learned so much about ourselves through watching you and your incredible march for the truth," she says. "You've pioneered a path so that women can see where it's a dream to go. You're one of the most important people of this century and the next."
Marie Osmond

25. Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond says she's noticed a pattern about her Oprah Show appearances. "The very first time I did Oprah's show was for postpartum depression. And I was thinking about it—I was crying," she says. "This last time I did her show I was crying. What is that about?"

Marie says she is grateful for the way Oprah conducted the interview about her son's tragic death. "She handled the death of my son in a way that honored him and was very gracious to my other children. As only a woman can do. As only Oprah can do," she says, confiding that when it came time to discuss the subject of her son's passing, "[T]he only place that I would ever want to do that would be Oprah."

"What a gift you have been to millions and millions of people. I was thinking that someday when school children are asked about this time of life and they'll say who really made a big difference in the world ... you know they're going to say Oprah Winfrey. And you have," she says. "God bless you for caring and loving and giving so much of yourself to bless other people's lives, including mine."
Roseanne Barr

26. Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr remembers how thrilled she was to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show for the very first time. "I really wanted to be funny and show off for Oprah because I knew she had not heard my kind of joke before," she says.

Roseanne says Oprah's show means so much to so many because it's always teaching. "There have been many of The Oprah Winfrey Shows where I've learned a ton of stuff," she says. "She's always got some level of truth that she's imparting, which I think is why her show was, you know, such a huge show for so many decades."

"We all have a little Oprah Winfrey in our heads that we converse with," she says. "We have Oprah in us. She's like our buddy even if we have never ever met her. She's always there."
Jon Bon Jovi

27. Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi says his most memorable Oprah moment happened right after Hurricane Katrina. "I gave her a check for a million dollars and asked her to team up with us to build some houses," he says. "And on the one-year anniversary, those families were in those houses. I was most proud of that."

Above all, Jon says Oprah has been an inspiration to an entire generation of people. "She gave of herself, which in turn, made people want to give of themselves. And now she's not going away. She's just changing direction. That, to me, is what it's all about, isn't it? It's about growth."
Melissa Etheridge

28. Melissa Etheridge
Rockstar Melissa Etheridge says that Oprah has been on television for more than half of Melissa's life. When Melissa was in her 20s and coming out about her sexuality, she says she was amazed to see the guests Oprah had on her show. "The homosexuals, the transsexuals...these people that had been living in the shadows for so long go to this safe place to come out and say, 'Hey, I'm human and I have feelings and I have dreams and desires just like anyone else.'"

As The Oprah Show comes to an end, Melissa wants to share this message with Oprah: "You've changed the world. You've changed my life. You have come into our homes. You have reached into our hearts with grace and dignity, and may your life be filled with joy and happiness and fearless love every step of the way."
Celine Dion

29. Celine Dion
After 27 appearances, Celine DionThe Oprah Show's most frequent celebrity guest—says her favorite visit was the time she shared the stage with all 13 of her siblings and her parents. "We all sang together," she says. "It was an amazing surprise for me, very touching."

Celine says she'll always be grateful for Oprah's inspiration and influence. "Oprah, thank you for being part of my career and becoming a friend through the years. I love you very, very much."
Sir Elton John

30. Sir Elton John
Congratulating Oprah on 25 "amazing and incredible" years, music legend Sir Elton John says Oprah's passion not only changed television, it has changed lives. "She became someone that people could identify with, who took up their causes, who taught people about good things in life, better choices, better principles, championed the underdog, got people to read again," he says. "She turned the normal talk show into something of an event. You had to watch Oprah every day because you didn't know what was going to come at you."
Jon Stewart

31. Jon Stewart
For Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, the best Oprah Show moments come once a year—and sometimes twice—with Oprah's Favorite Things. "In France when they stormed the Bastille and the prisoners got out, even they were like not as excited as the ladies that were going to get that Williams-Sonoma panini press," Jon jokes. "'Oh, my God! I toast sandwiches too!'"

Jon says he can't imagine the TV landscape without Oprah's daily presence. "Because if you leave television, we're going to have to close television. We don't want to do that," he says. "So I guess what I'm saying is, 'What are we doing for the 26th season?'"
Tina Fey

32. Tina Fey
When Saturday Night Live alum and 30 Rock creator Tina Fey sat down for her first interview on The Oprah Show, it was a dream come true...but not necessarily a dream interview. Tina says she and her friend and Baby Mama co-star Amy Poehler were so excited to be in Chicago. "[But] we just sat there. Like, 'Hello?'" Tina says. "Because we were in the glow of Oprah and we froze."

Tina says she has been a loyal viewer for years and thanks Oprah for 25 years of memories. "Thank you for being there every day after school when I got home and ate a full Jiffy Pop and watched your show every day. Thank you for encouraging people to read. Thank you for being a force for good," Tina says. "I hope you have the greatest time of your life now with some time off."
Russell Crowe

33. Russell Crowe
"One of the fun things about watching Oprah's show is that there is always going to be something that touches your heart," Aussie actor Russell Crowe says. "There is always going to be something that makes you think, something that makes you stamp your feet or raise your hand."

When Oprah and her crew visited Russell's hometown of Sydney during Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure, he says, he saw the inspiration firsthand in the story of Kristian, a husband and father in the fight of his life after being diagnosed with cancer. "That's why it's been going for 25 years," Russell says. "And thankfully they're not actually stopping. What once was a talk show done in Chicago has now turned [into a] network."

But Russell says Oprah doesn't have to stop there! "You know if she pushes it and plays her cards right, we'll probably give her the country of Australia," Russell jokes. "It's a woman's world down here, so come back whenever you need to."
Whoopi Goldberg

34. Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah's co-star in The Color Purple, remembers the first time she appeared as a guest on Oprah's show. "I think I was talking about The Long Walk Home, which I had done with Sissy Spacek," she says. "Now you come 20 years later and you go, 'Wow, it's kind of amazing. She's grown into Oprah Winfrey.' Twenty five years is a long time."

For her next step, Whoopi says Oprah should have some fun. "Oprah, get some rest. Do something you want to do. Go to Europe. Go to Paris. Have more fun. You need more fun, O. So do that," she says. "Because you earned it. And no one can say, 'What are you doing?' You have to just cut your eyes at 'em like this [and say], 'I'm relaxing.' That's all you have to say. Happy relaxation."
Dolly Parton

35. Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton made her first Oprah Show appearance in 1987. "It was just before Steel Magnolias, so we've always talked like girlfriends," she says. "Everybody owns a little piece of Oprah, they feel like they do or they want to. She's like this precious thing that everybody feels proud to be part of."

Dolly has one parting message for Oprah: "I would just like to say to Oprah that I hope life treats you kind. And I hope you have all you ever dreamed of. And I wish you joy and happiness. And above all this, I wish you love. And I will always love you."
Rosie O'Donnell

36. Rosie O'Donnell
In 25 years, Rosie O'Donnell says she's watched The Oprah Winfrey Show every day. "I TiVo it," she says. "I don't think I ever really missed it."

The first time she appeared on The Oprah Show, Rosie dared to perform stand-up comedy early in the morning. "It was me and Ellen DeGeneres and Carol Leifer, and I was the only one who would do stand-up because everybody else was afraid it was too early in the morning," she says. "But I remember thinking, 'It's Oprah Winfrey. I will do whatever she asks.'"

Rosie says her favorite Oprah Show memory is when Oprah interviewed Robert Jones, a boy who became blind when he was 10 years old. During the interview, Oprah asked him if he could see in his dreams. He said he could. "That was pretty amazing. It took my knees out when I was watching it," she says. "There are moments where humans connect on a level that rings true for everyone."

Whatever her next chapter, Rosie wishes Oprah the best. "You're a constant source of inspiration, not just for me personally but for millions of people around the world. Everyone, I think, has been touched and blessed by your talent, compassion and huge heart," she says. "Bravo, Oprah Winfrey. Now go enjoy whatever it is you'll do next because I'm sure you'll conquer the world with that too."
Dr. Oz

37. Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz says Oprah is a phenomenon for many reasons, including her mothering instincts and the support she has given to millions. "Oprah, I want to thank you for being the dean of Oprah University. For teaching me the fundamentals. You taught me to let people surprise you and to serve their higher good when I did that. You taught me to be seen for who you really are—both me as a host, but also for the guests that I would bring on the stage. You taught me, by example, how you can be playful, passionate and practical all at once. And I love you for it, and I'm trying to copy you."
Suze Orman

38. Suze Orman
Money expert Suze Orman says she wouldn't be who she is today if it wasn't for Oprah. "You showed the world that I had a message that was worth listening to," she says. "You know, Oprah, why have you been different than everybody else? You showed up and you showed the world your insides. You showed them the truth, which gave every single person that watches permission to be true as well. I know this isn't an ending...this is a beginning. I hope you know how much I love you and how much I thank you."
Dr. Phil

39. Dr. Phil
For Dr. Phil, The Oprah Show isn't just a television show, it's an institution. "Now you're going to turn the lights off and walk out the door...and we know you're walking into a much brighter light and even a bigger stage," he tells Oprah. "People have talked about how much you've changed lives, and you know how much you've changed mine. You're a lifelong and dear friend. I love you, girl."
Kirstie Alley

40. Kirstie Alley
Giving the gift of hope is what Kirstie Alley says she will always remember Oprah for. "You've given people hope," she says. "You've given them the idea that no matter where you come from, you can change your life. And that, to me, is the greatest gift you could ever give another human being: the ability to have hope and the ability to know that they can change."
Lisa Ling

41. Lisa Ling
Lisa Ling says that working for The Oprah Show has been the greatest honor of her life. "At The Oprah Show, it's always 'first, what's the intention?' before 'how's it going to rate?'" she explains. "That is unprecedented in TV."

She has worked on many stories in her eight years as an Oprah Show correspondent, and it is this sincerity and honorable devotion over all these years that Lisa says she'd like to thank Oprah for. "Thank you so much for maintaining such an incredible level of integrity and always supporting me all of these years," Lisa says. "Love you. Miss you. But we'll see you on OWN."
Nate Berkus

42. Nate Berkus
Interior decorator Nate Berkus first stepped onto The Oprah Show stage in 2002. Eight years and 127 makeovers later, he is truly a part of the Harpo family and has a few parting words for Oprah. "I have to say I am not sad for you," he says. "I'm sad for everybody else. Because you have been the foundation, to put it in terms I understand, the studs of the wall that have kept everybody tuned in for 25 years."

43. Fergie
Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas shares her favorite Oprah Show memory, when a flash mob took over Chicago's Magnificent Mile while the Black Eyed Peas performed.

"It was pretty much one of the most amazing performances we've ever had," she says. "Twenty thousand people filled up Michigan Avenue. We were doing 'I Gotta Feeling.' Only one girl's dancing, and all of a sudden, it started building and building, and it was a surprise for Oprah. Not everyone gets to do that."

Black Eyed Peas star says the flash mob performance is one he'll never forget. "I hate to sound 'kumbaya' and all deep and whatnot, but it symbolized that we all want to collaborate and come together," he says. "That show, that performance, demonstrated that very concept."

Before he was a guest, says he remembers watching The Oprah Show with his mother. "Oprah, thank you for giving my mom something to look forward to all the time," he says. "Thank you so much for the 25 years, and I wish you the best."
Jane Fonda

45. Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda says that she can't think of very many people that have had the impact that Oprah has had on our culture, ourselves and our place in the world. "Oprah, I would say you're going to be missed, but we know that you're not going away," Jane says. "You're still going to be our angel, our inspiration. Our mother, our sister, our daughter who has come to mean the world to millions of us. I want to thank you for that, and for your courage and your honesty."


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