Celebrity Canines
Felicity's Diamond Jim, his handler, Kellie, and Oprah
Best in Show
The Westminster Dog Show is like the Super Bowl for those with four legs—it's the ultimate competition. Scores of well-bred pooches entered in 2007—and the coveted Best in Show award was given to Felicity's Diamond Jim, an English springer spaniel.

This 6-year-old champion—accompanied by his handler, Kellie, and owners Terri and Allan—goes by James.

Terri, a former handler and current breeder, says she knew James had what it took to be a champion from back when he was a puppy. "When he was born he had perfect markings. I couldn't have painted them on any better," she says. "They have to have what we call the total package, which is the right temperament [and] trainability, which he certainly had."

Not only are English springer spaniels like James proven winners, Terri says they're also great family dogs. "They like to be everywhere with you," she says.