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Carly says she chooses to perform with Sally and Ben whenever possible. "Never is it better than with them. They are the heart and soul of my life," Carly says. Ben says singing with his mom is wonderful. "It's much easier than doing it without her, I'll tell you that. They don't let you come on Oprah without her," Ben jokes. "Honestly, it's amazing and fulfilling."

When asked why she chose to sing a song by her ex-husband, Carly says it was because he is "one of the great songwriters of all time."

Both Sally and Ben say they have songs by their parents on their iPods. "I put it on shuffle and it's like, 'Does anybody ever sing on your iPod besides your parents?' It gets a little bit embarrassing," Sally says.

Ben says growing up with famous parents gave him perspective on the reality of fame. "We didn't have the illusion of glamour that so many people have when they see it from the outside."
FROM: Mary J. Blige, Carly Simon and Corinne Bailey Rae
Published on January 16, 2007


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