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Oprah says one of her favorite places to be is her colorful Santa Barbara garden. She has over 500 plants in her rose garden. Each has its own special name, fragrance, color and blooms. Oprah says everything she's learned about roses is from rose gardener Dan Bifano. He says the key to growing beautiful roses is to pick the right rose for the environment you live in. Contact your local rose society or public library, says Dan, and they will teach you how to choose the best roses for your area. To ensure healthy plants, Dan says to provide roses with good drainage, good soil, good air circulation and lots of sunshine.

English gardens are another one of Oprah's favorites for the variety of plants and layers of flowerbeds. With Dan's help, Oprah designed her garden so she can gather a bounty of blossoms for her home. She's learned so much about roses that she's even working on creating her own hybrid with Dan! The Oprah Rose will have deep red, 8-inch blooms once it's developed. "I need a big rose with some color in it!" says Oprah.
FROM: Oprah's Gardens: A Private Tour
Published on May 12, 2006


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