Casanova Conman
Five of Eric Cooper's victims
In just a decade, Eric Cooper allegedly was married to or engaged to nine different women. Records show he said his first "I do" with Melissa in 1994. They had a daughter and split up in 1996.

In July of 1998, Eric married Kimberly, and their marriage lasted a year. Before divorcing Kimberly, he married April. Eric and April divorced in January 2000.

By March 2000, Eric was married again, this time to Paula. They divorced in January 2002. According to Texas marriage records, Eric Cooper then married another woman named April before he divorced Paula. This April filed bigamy charges against Eric.

It turned out that while married to both Paula and April, Eric was engaged to Brandy, who gave birth to another of Eric's daughters.

He then married Jennifer in 2004. Later that year, Eric married Krystal in Las Vegas. Krystal soon discovered that he was a fraud and threw him out. On that same day, he landed on Tonya's doorstep. He proposed to her a few weeks later.

According to all of these womens' stories, Eric's technique was to wow a woman with his false résumé—which often included references to him being a Navy SEAL or a pilot, including a crisp, white Navy uniform, and being orphaned and raised by abusive foster parents. He would then ingratiate himself to the women's families and propose marriage within weeks of dating.