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Krystal actually found out about Eric's deception after her mother, Lynn, became concerned. At first, Lynn believed that Eric was a nice guy, but just two weeks into her daughter's marriage, she wasn't so sure. Lynn says her father was a pilot and thought Eric's Navy stories didn't add up. "My dad was like, 'That guy is either one heck of a good catch or he is the biggest conman you and I will ever meet,'" Lynn says.

After money supposedly started disappearing from checking accounts and seemingly shady transactions were uncovered, Lynn says she checked into her new son-in-law's background.

Lynn began to easily see through Eric's phony stories. She says she found records of several marriages and divorces, a criminal record and prison time. Additionally, Eric had told Krystal and her family that he had recently moved to Texas from California, when, in fact, he'd lived at eight or nine different addresses in north Houston.

When her mother came to her with this information, Krystal was not surprised and ready for action. "I said, 'What do we do?'" she says. "I knew that he wasn't who he said he was. I knew that there was something behind him that wasn't real."

FROM: The Man Who Conned Nine Women into Marriage
Published on February 13, 2006


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