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A background check on the couple came up with nothing. The officers say they had no choice but to leave the property. Before they were out of the driveway, their dispatcher came up with new information—the man was a possible sex offender wanted in Wisconsin. Police say the couple gave false aliases, but an investigation revealed them to be Jack Wiley and Glenna Faye Cavender.

Officers immediately arrested Wiley and Cavender. It was later discovered that Wiley was not the sex offender wanted in Wisconsin—but he has been charged with first-degree rape and sodomy in connection with the little girl and a 17-year-old boy also found in the trailer. Cavender has been charged with child abuse. She confessed to police that Wiley had repeatedly sexually assaulted both the little girl and the teenage boy. Doctors confirmed that the young girl was severely sexually assaulted. Cavender also confessed that she and Wiley molested other children across the country. Police are investigating all leads.

Tracie says authorities are waiting for DNA test results to determine if Wiley is the girl's grandfather. Both children are now in foster care.
FROM: Oprah's Latest Capture: Hiding in Mexico—Turned In by a Friend
Published on March 07, 2006


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