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Cameron says part of her reason for doing the show is to make Americans aware of how much they consume and to be more conscious of nature.

"I think America needs that so much because we are so environmentally unconscious," Oprah says. "We live on this planet like we're the first and last people to be here [and] it doesn't matter what we do...Some people think about their children, but we do not have the vision to think about what's going to happen a hundred years from now if we keep doing to the earth what we're doing to it."

Cameron agrees and says while Mother Nature will eventually recover years down the line, human beings won't be around to see the rejuvenation.

"So really, you know, this show is fun and we go and we play with the animals...but it's really not about the animals," Cameron says. "I would like for people to be a little bit selfish, you know? It's not about the fuzzy bear. Who cares what happens to the fuzzy bear? Think about your water, your soil, your air. Like how do you want to live? How do human beings want—right now in this moment—to exist? That's really what it's about: To [get] people conscious of that—that it's the choice for them."
FROM: Jon Stewart Speaks His Mind, Plus Cameron Diaz's Big Adventure
Published on April 18, 2005


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