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Cameron Diaz causes a paparazzi frenzy wherever she goes. But now she's packing her bags and leaving Hollywood for her wild new passion! But before she talks about her adventures, Oprah wants to know more about Cameron's recent article in Vogue magazine.

Oprah: It was so interesting when you...were saying you always wanted to "be a fleshy, voluptuous woman...the kind that bursts out of her clothing, displaying her wealth of femininity." Have you made peace with what you've got?

Cameron: Yeah. You know, at some point you have to. I think writing that article for me was really sort of freeing because people assume so much about you; the way that you look. And my point in that article was: We're all struggling with what we have. No matter if it's something that's desirable to somebody else...The grass is always greener. But it's really not true—you have to love what you have and make the best of it...This is the only body that you have and this is the vessel that's going to carry you.

Oprah: So now you work out. You didn't before?

Cameron: I didn't work out until I started Charlie's Angels. And I'm like, "Why wasn't I doing this the entire time?" Because people would say [I was] thin enough.

Oprah: You look good, girl. You look good.
FROM: Jon Stewart Speaks His Mind, Plus Cameron Diaz's Big Adventure
Published on April 18, 2005


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