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Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown has strong convictions about our culture's obsession with perfection.

"I know I'm going to lose some friends out there or customers for talking about this, but I'd rather be honest and help people," Bobbi says. "I just don't get what's happening. All women do is feel bad about the way they look. Society is really pressuring women to look young. I think the older women get, it's such a mistake because if you're doing a plastic surgery to try to look younger, it doesn't work. You just look like you've had plastic surgery."

Bobbi believes it's time we stop the game of comparison before it takes over our lives.

"Women look at images in magazines," she says. "Covers of magazines are paintings! It's a work of art—hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, and forget about the little surgeries or the big surgeries they've had. It's not realistic. I think American women have to break the cycle immediately. Stop looking at what's out there. If you are constantly comparing yourself to people around you—trust me—there are people that are better looking than you, taller, skinnier, richer, nicer, more talented. Stop! It's not important. It's really about yourself."

FROM: Too Ugly to Live
Published on September 14, 2005


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