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Cynthia also made headlines when she ended her 15-year relationship with the father of her two children and fell in love with a woman. The story broke in 2004, shortly after the series finale.

"Were you as shocked as we were?" Oprah asks.

"I was pretty shocked. I have to tell you," Cynthia says. "It kind of made my day."

Kristin was the first to find out about Cynthia's new love, but the rest of the cast heard the news from the media. "They were great, the things that they said to the press," Cynthia says.

Though she dated men most of her life, Cynthia says when she met her girlfriend, Christine, it didn't matter to her if she was male or female. She was in love.

"Love is love," Kristin says. "I think that's the important thing. There's something real and intangible and solid about it that you can't really dissect or analyze. That's how I feel when I'm around them. It's just undeniable."

Sarah Jessica says Cynthia's happiness is all that matters. "[Cynthia] is such a capable, smart-thinking person, and our greatest concern was that Cynthia be happy," she says. "No one is better equipped to answer questions, and no one knows how to be more circumspect and how to draw the line. We were merely to follow suit, and we were happy, very happy to do so."
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Published on May 29, 2008


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