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While some fans are anxious to see who gets hitched, others are just as eager to see who's wearing what. Fashion has always played a pivotal role in the series, and Oprah says the film's fabulous heels, dresses and belts do not disappoint.

Hollywood stylist Patricia Fields, the woman responsible for the show's cutting-edge wardrobe, started planning the looks months before shooting began. In all, Patricia says there were 300 wardrobe changes throughout the film. Fashionista Carrie Bradshaw alone wore 81 different outfits!

One accessory used often in the film was the belt. "Belts were very, very important. The belt gives the shape, so I wrapped everybody in belts," Patricia says. "I think it's the new silhouette that we'll see in Sex and the City."

On the racks, Sarah Jessica says Patricia had everything from vintage items to fashions pulled straight off the runway. Some days, Sarah Jessica says people waited outside her trailer to take items from her wardrobe to photo shoots.

One of Sarah Jessica's dresses was whisked away to Mexico for a Vogue shoot. When they needed it back to finish filming a scene, an intern went the extra mile in the name of fashion. "We put an intern on a plane, sent her to the jungles of Mexico," Sarah Jessica says. "She waited in the jungle, got the dress, went back to the airport, had a cocktail and went back on a plane."
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Published on May 29, 2008


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