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In the final episode of the television series, Carrie, the show's narrator, finds herself back in the arms of her longtime love, the mysterious Mr. Big. Dying to know what happens next? You won't have to wait much longer thanks to Sex and the City superstar and executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker.

For two years, Sarah Jessica—who plays Carrie—says she worked to bring the rest of the story to theatergoers. "I picked up the phone, and I just started revisiting the idea," she says. "It's a complicated process to put all of the people back together again and [get] all of the parts in place and the perfunctory business of getting a movie made—let alone one that has this particular history."

Sarah Jessica teamed up with writer and producer Michael Patrick King, the man who wrote Sex and the City's most pivotal episodes, to pitch their idea to film studios. "Michael Patrick and I, we were like a dog with a bone," she says. "We just kept persevering. We felt that the time was really right."

The film's star says she wanted to do this for the devoted fans who continue to watch the show in syndication. "They were so devout," Sarah Jessica says. "It's a rare opportunity when you can say an audience really dictates a project like this."
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Published on May 29, 2008


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