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He plays a suave New Yorker on the big screen and a gritty detective on television, but Chris's favorite role is off-screen—as a dad! In January 2008, Chris and actress Tara Wilson welcomed their son, Orion Christopher, into the world.

Chris and Tara named their son after the warrior constellation, and Chris says he's already a fighter. When Tara found out she was pregnant, doctors couldn't initially find a heartbeat. "They basically said, 'You're not going to have this baby. You're going to have a miscarriage,'" Chris says. "She went home and talked to the baby all night long, and the next day, [there was a] heartbeat. They said, 'You're having that baby.' So he's a warrior the way I look at it."

If Chris needs any parenting advice, he can turn to Sarah Jessica and Cynthia, who both have 5-1/2-year-olds at home. "They should package that particular age because you cannot go through a day without learning something," Sarah Jessica says. "You have to deconstruct every single question that's asked. A single answer is not enough."

Sarah Jessica says there just isn't enough information you can give kids that age. "You realize how much you know and how little you know," she says. "Both are surprising."
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Published on May 29, 2008


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