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It's the question many women are curious about—is Chris anything like his on-screen persona? "Every character you play, you're playing him. So it's a question of what parts of yourself you're using," Chris says. "I feel he's a lot more self-edited than me. ... There is a reserve about him that I think a part of me shares."

Cynthia says Chris is silly like Big, and Kristin says he brings a Big-like alpha-male quality to the set. "Chris is very, very male in the best possible way," she says.

That's a result of filming Sex and the City and Law & Order at the same time, Chris jokes. "It was from penthouse to body bags. I would go to these wonderful sets and [have] this great time," he says. "But the environment was a little different when we were in the South Bronx or in a real prison."

Still, Sarah Jessica says there are some major differences between Chris and the character he plays. "The best quality about Chris that distinguishes him from Big is that he is not withholding," she says. "He is in the moment. He is desperate to learn. He's desperate to fight for the best work that can be done. He's strong, and he's collaborative."
FROM: Exclusive: Sex and the City Cast Reunion
Published on May 29, 2008


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