The Jolie-Pitt family

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One of the surprises of fatherhood Brad says he's come to find is that his house is full of little comedians. "They're the funniest people I've ever met," he says. "They all have their own thing." Brad says Shiloh's new thing is that she'll only respond to the names John or Peter. "It's a Peter Pan thing," Brad says. "So we've got to call her John."

When it comes to bedtime, the joke's on Brad and Angelina. Brad says his kids trick them into having "slumber parties" at night. "They're trying to kill us, they really are," Brad jokes. "We'll get them to bed, read the stories, and then one will show up about a half hour later and can't sleep and wants to read books." Like clockwork, Brad says as soon as one child falls asleep, another will wake up. "I know they've got shifts," he jokes. "They've got it worked out, you know?"

"What's so interesting is that you seem happier than you've ever been," Oprah says.

"I dare say," Brad says.
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Published on November 19, 2008


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