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Four-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne are the most recent additions to the Jolie-Pitt family. "They're lovely," Brad says. "He kind of looks like me and she kind of looks like Angie. It's a bit bizarre."

With four other children—6-year-old Maddox, 4-year-old Pax, 3-year-old Zahara and 2-year-old Shiloh—Brad says it was necessary to have a little help at home. "We had help in the nights because you want to be there for the other ones in the day," he says. "Not every night, because we also want to take them on ourselves and be part of that experience. In the beginning, it was mainly us trying to do both shifts."

Brad says fatherhood has had a positive effect on him. "It really tells you a lot about yourself and who you are and how you react to things," he says. "They make me better. They make me a better person as a father." The children have also brought new meaning to his life. "It makes everything else perfunctory in a way but also more fun because you've got this other thing to go home to," he says. "Even the films, I can't help but do a film thinking my kids will see that someday and that may mean something to them. So it puts an extra importance and yet takes off the importance at the same time."
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Published on November 19, 2008


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