Boys Will Be Boys
Jay Leno, Brian McKnight and Rick Reilly
Calling all women! Three guys have agreed to break a historic code of silence and help us unravel the mysteries of the male mind. Who are these few good men who have promised to tackle your burning questions with total honesty?

Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly has been named National Sports Writer of the Year 10 times. He's a single father of three, and he knows more than a thing or two about the games men play.

Grammy award nominee Brian McKnight's expert resume includes being single, being married, being divorced, and—by his own frank admission—being promiscuous.

Jay Leno, host of NBC's Tonight Show , has been married to the same woman for 25 years—and still manages to put millions of other women to bed with smiles on their faces.

These fearless truth tellers are ready to lay it on the line for women around the world!

Why do men go to strip clubs?
Why do men watch porn?
What's up with catcalls and wolf-whistles?
Why are men so obsessed with golf?
Why do some men cheat?
What do men think about after sex?
Why do men get lazy after they say "I do"?