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Why do men get lazy after they say, "I do?"

Jay: If you [as a man] leave your shirt somewhere and you come back 10 minutes later, it will probably be picked up. I think [women] are sort of…enabling? Is that the word that they use?

Bruce: Here's the mistake that women always make—you think that we men are really just pretending not to think just like you. That's not true—we don't think like you do. He doesn't notice [a mess]. If he says "I didn't see it," he really didn't see it.

Rick: When guys go hunting and they get a deer the first day, the rest of the week they sit in the cabin and drink and brag on their deer. It's the same when guys get married. Like, "I got my deer. It's not like I'm not good looking. I could get more deer, [but] I've got my deer." They think, "Hey, I've done what I've got to do. Now I don't have to work that hard."

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FROM: Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs? And Other Burning Questions
Published on November 01, 2005


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