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Why are men so obsessed with golf?

Lisa is a golf widow—her husband Jim plays golf four days a week. "When Jimmy's not playing golf," she says, "he's either watching golf on television or looking on the computer [for golf gear]."

"She tends to blow her stack that I don't spend enough time with her and the kids," Jim grumbles. "Lisa said golf would never get her anywhere. But it got her on The Oprah Show !"

"Men love to keep score," Rick explains to golf widows everywhere. "Golf, we understand '71 to 68.' What we don't understand are relationships and talking things out. I don't think I've ever been to a football game where the game ended, and the two coaches came out to midfield and said, 'Okay, you beat us, but in that third quarter some of the things you did made me feel insecure about myself, and I feel like you were projecting some of your fears on me so actually we beat you so….' It doesn't happen. We like black and white scores."

"My wife is a car widow," Jay says. "When you come home with transmission fluid on your collar, that's not so bad. Personally I think it's great to have a hobby. … There are certainly bigger problems in the world than [a husband who plays golf]. At least he's not at the strip club!"

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FROM: Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs? And Other Burning Questions
Published on November 01, 2005


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