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Why do men watch porn?

Seventy percent of men age 18–34 view Internet porn once a month. * "Once an hour" is more like it, Brian jokes.

Jay: There are two sexes out there. There are tons of female sites that are quite similar. I think women do it, too—I just don't think they admit it. I don't think [women] should feel betrayed. … Men tend to need visual stimulants.

Oprah: Jay, how would [your wife] Mavis feel if you were looking at porn every day?

Jay: I think she would be fine. I mean, I, you know…not to…well, I guess if I was looking at it every day…I mean, if I was suddenly, like, you know, I mean…um…I don't…I don't know that it would be a huge problem—

Rick: It sounds like it would be, Jay.

*Chicago Tribune

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FROM: Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs? And Other Burning Questions
Published on November 01, 2005


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