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Fourteen percent of men go to strip clubs regularly. *

Of guys who go to strip clubs, 80 percent say they buy at least one lap dance. **

Is it cheating if a man goes to a strip club? Amberlee of College Station, Texas, thinks so. She and her former boyfriend Justin broke up over the issue. "Before we started dating," she says, "I let him know I didn't like his habit of going to strip clubs, and it was the one and only way he would ever lose me. A year after moving in together, I found a receipt in his pocket for a strip club. When I asked him about it, he didn't have much to say. I was out of the house three days later. I felt betrayed and cheated on. … If I'm going to do it for free and there are no rules, why does he need to go somewhere else?"

"If he was 45 years old and still going to strip clubs," Jay says, "that would be a problem. He's a young guy—he goes to a strip club once in a while, looks at some girls, comes home to her."

Brian respectfully disagrees. "She told him what would happen if he went," he says, "so that's his problem. If he wanted to keep her, he probably should not have gone."

Rick sums it up: "When you're losing your girl to strip clubs, I'd stop going to strip clubs. Especially that girl."

* When It Comes to Guys, What's Normal?
** Men's Health magazine

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FROM: Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs? And Other Burning Questions
Published on November 01, 2005


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