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Christine was a successful veterinarian with a nice home and four children, three from a previous marriage and one with her ex-husband, John, a former sheriff's deputy. She never imagined the tragedy that would devastate her—her ex-husband John entering the house, shooting all four children and then himself.

When Christine shared her story on an Oprah Show, admitting her depression and being on the verge of suicide, she impacted many women living with similar pain. Oprah later received letters from 16 women who said the day the show aired, was the last day for them…until they heard Christine's story and knew they were not alone. This encouragement gave Christine a new purpose and reason to go on.

"I want to tell all of you something, and anyone else who is listening," Christine says. "I didn't save you in that sense, but you found your own inner strength. It shows what tremendous, caring, loving people you are in all of your pain. To feel that my children made a place in your heart means so much to me."
FROM: A Single Mother of Quads
Published on October 04, 2004


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