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As a single mother, Beth started feeling the pressure of her new responsibilities right away and was terrified. Alone in the house, she gets virtually no sleep, having to alternate caring for and feeding the babies. Even Oprah, who spent time with Beth feeding, burping, bathing and changing the babies, is exhausted after just one day!

Oprah: The question is: Having children that you cannot afford—is that selfish? There have been many a mother out there who gave up children…because they knew in their heart that they would not be able to give the child the life they deserved.

Beth: I'm very sad for those women. I would be a broken person today if I had chosen to give Luke and Casen away as I had planned. I was not going to keep the twins.

I do believe I'm going to be able to pay all my bills. I am not the kind of person who would be happy in life just receiving charity and not pulling myself up by my own bootstraps…. And I'm so grateful to everyone who has been generous to us and there have been such kind people…but it's very uncomfortable to need. And I'm broken-hearted for those women who have to give their children away because of finances. I love my children and I believe I can find a way to make this work.
FROM: A Single Mother of Quads
Published on October 04, 2004


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