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Getting through her pregnancy safely was Beth's first hurdle. Four months into her extremely high-risk pregnancy, Beth was confined to her bed. She was only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and shower. Just standing up left her exhausted. Her entire life was now dedicated to keeping her delicate babies healthy and thriving in her womb. Spending day after day lying in bed gave Beth a lot of time to think about her uncertain future.

"For many months I laid here talking myself off the ceiling," Beth says. "'What if I really can't do this? What if I won't be a good mother? What if I'm never able to make enough money?' All of those things really weighed on me."

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Beth was monitored around the clock. During that time, she received some frightening news: one of the babies had stopped growing and was in trouble. Her babies were born two months premature via cesarean section.

Beth was overwhelmed with joy. "It was just so amazing. I was so proud and they were so beautiful."
FROM: A Single Mother of Quads
Published on October 04, 2004


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