Blasts from the Past
Teen heartthrob David Cassidy had more fans in his fan club than Elvis or the Beatles.
In the '70s, teenage girls all over America went bananas for David Cassidy when The Partridge Family bus drove across their television screens Friday nights. At age 21, David was the highest-paid performer in the world and sang all over the globe for record-setting crowds packed with hysterical teenagers. At the peak of his fame, his fan club became the largest in history with more members than Elvis and the Beatles' clubs.

Hoping to shed his teeny-bopper image, David infamously posed nude for photographer Annie Liebovitz on the cover of Rolling Stone, and an edgier sound crept into his music.

In the '80s, David dazzled Broadway audiences. In the '90s, he wowed audiences in Las Vegas. Four decades after we first met David Cassidy, he's still making the ladies swoon.