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Raven-Symone made her debut as little Olivia on The Cosby Show when she was only three years old. Now all grown up and 22 years old, she's still acting and stars in her own Disney Channel show, That's So Raven. Although she was very young when she was on the show, Raven says she still feels the impact of The Cosby Show every day.

"I actually read an e-mail the other day: 'Yeah, we watch That's So Raven, but I only know her as Olivia. I'll only know her as that.' I think that's fabulous. If I didn't have that, I don't think I'd be where I am today," she says.

Raven was a little too young at the time to understand the enormous impact the show had on the world—she says just loved seeing herself on TV. "And the story goes, I said, 'Mom, I want to do what Rudy does. I want to be with her.' So I was with her, and I was excited when I was a kid."

Raven's latest film—College Road Trip, starring Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond—is available on DVD. Her latest CD, Raven-Symone, will is available in stores.  Raven also helps inspire kids to create their own meals and crafts on her website, ravensymonepresents.com.
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008


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