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Oprah admits she's not a huge television watcher, but she does have a few all-time favorites—including The Cosby Show.

The show hit the airwaves in 1984, and it was unlike anything America had ever seen. For the first time in history, viewers turned on the TV and saw a black, educated, upper-middle-class family. Creator and star Bill Cosby played Cliff Huxtable, a successful doctor. Phylicia Rashad played Clair Huxtable, a lawyer. Together, they played a loving couple raising five kids. Each week, viewers watched to see which Huxtable child would be in the hot seat.

The Cosby Show was number one in primetime television for five years straight. Twenty years later, an audience member named Chatice wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to the Huxtable family for their love, their laughs and their nonstop fun. Growing up in the Bronx with an unhappy home life, Chatice says the show fed her soul. "I didn't have to run away. I could escape to Brooklyn where a black family ate together and the kids were just as important as the adults," she says. "The Cosby Show is the reason why I graduated from the University of Virginia, married an engineer, earn six figures and currently have two beautiful boys."

Oprah has a big surprise in store for this fan. "Well, Chatice, we thought it only fitting for you to meet the Cosby family in person!"
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008


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