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Despite quadruple platinum albums and hit Broadway shows, nothing changed David's life more dramatically than his two children—Beau and Katie.

Beau, who's 17, wants to follow his dad into the music industry, but David says he wants him to finish college first. "I feel that way now not just about my children, but I've been around a lot of children working in show business. I wasn't. I was out of high school," he says. "He's so sophisticated as an artist. I want him to have all the tools because when he goes out there, don't think people aren't gonna say, 'Oh, here's David Cassidy's son, let's see what he's got,' you know? And I worry for him for that reason."

David's 21-year-old daughter, Katie, is a working actress. "She's a beautiful, beautiful girl, and she's becoming a very accomplished young actress, and she cares about her craft," David says.

David says too many people today have become obsessed with celebrity, not art. "I think it's a dangerous thing now where people just want to be famous, you know? They just want to be rich," he says. "The only thing that lasts, the only thing that survives, is talent."

And David proves he's still got the moves! Nearly 40 years after he wowed teenagers across the country, he brings our audience to their feet once again with his performance of another Partridge Family favorite, "I'll Meet You Halfway."
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008


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