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After five years of singing songs created for a character on television, David walked away at the height of his fame at age 25. "I did the last world tour," he says. "What I wanted to do was give a farewell. And I think I did it as well as I could do it, and I knew that the experience, it had nothing more in it for me."

In addition to wanting to pursue new projects, David wanted something more—a normal life. "I had no life," he says. "In the end, I found it so difficult to be just a human being."

Although he was 25 when the show ended, David says he still felt like a teenager. "I was emotionally 19 because I hadn't—other than my wife, who later became my wife—I hadn't had a date," he says. "It was very difficult for me to meet women, not young girls because a lot of them were young girls. So it became a very difficult thing for me. For me personally, I wanted to have that relationship. I felt very isolated and lonely."
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008


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