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With eight incredible seasons of memories, Oprah says there one scene in particular that has always meant a lot to her. In the clip, Cliff comes home with a headache after suffering through one of his children's noisy band concerts. Although the storyline wasn't significant, Oprah says the way Cliff and Clair comfort one another really touched her. "I started crying because I had never seen a black man put his head in the lap of a black woman and have her stroke his face with such tenderness—we had not seen [that] on television," Oprah says.

Bill says this scene and the relationship between Cliff and Clair was intentional, but that he owes Phylicia Rashad the credit for bringing the role of Clair to life. "If there was ever an actress who should have gotten an Emmy for her work—nobody tied everything together like Phylicia Rashad."

Bill says Phylicia was the anchor in the Huxtable family and that the interaction between Clair and the kids was extremely important. When Malcom-Jamal tried out for Theo, Bill says he was told to go back and rethink how his character should interact with his mother. Phylicia, however, knew just how to react to the children. "The reason why Phylicia got the job as the mother was because of the way she cut a look to the children when they were wrong," Bill says. "And only mothers know that or children who have gotten that look."
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008