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Sabrina Le Beauf played the oldest Huxtable kid, Sondra. It was her first big job after graduating from the Yale School of Drama. "You know, I had been struggling in New York as an actor, so you get a job and you're just happy to have a job," she says.

Like Keisha, it wasn't until much later in life that Sabrina realized the lasting impression The Cosby Show had on its viewers. "Even now, when they write you on MySpace or whatever, and they tell you that there's a whole other generation—that they're raising their children to watch The Cosby Show—and just how important it was to them growing up and how important they want it to be to their children."

After the show ended and Sabrina continued acting, she realized she had even more to be grateful for. "Another thing about our set that I didn't realize was unique to us was that Mr. Cosby made sure there were many people of color on staff—in the makeup room, directors, writers," Sabrina says. "And so therefore, when I left the show and went to do other shows and found out that that was not the rule in Hollywood, then I began to realize just again by example how lucky we were."

Since then, Sabrina has taken up interior design but is still acting. "I do a lot of original theater. I've actually worked right here in Chicago at the Goodman," she says.
FROM: David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids: All Grown Up
Published on February 12, 2008


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