Big Ideas, Big Bucks
Sheri, Rich and their three children
Sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose...or in one mother's case, right on your children's feet!

For years, Sheri, a busy mother of three, stayed at home and cared for her children Lexie, Julian and Riley. Like many others, Sheri's children were crazy about the latest craze in footwear—Crocs.

Sheri says every member of her family had a few pairs of these colorful rubber clogs. Then, one day while Sheri and her children were having fun with arts and crafts at home, Sheri stuck a silk flower through a hole in a pair of Crocs. "[I] said, 'Oh, look, how cute,'" she says. "Then, we found all this other stuff, and we were sticking them in holes."

When Rich, Sheri's husband, came home and saw his family accessorizing their shoes with buttons and baubles they found in the sewing kit, Sheri says a lightbulb went on over his head.