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One day at the local pool, a man approached Lexie and asked her about the Jibbitz on her shoes. Lexie explained to him that her mother made them. Then, the man handed the 7-year-old his business card and said, "Have your mommy call me."

That man was Duke Hanson, the founder of Crocs. A little over a year after making her first Jibbit, Sheri and Rich sold their business to the Croc Company for $10 million, with an extra $10 million if they meet sales goals.

Sheri and Rich still run the Jibbitz company, and they say business is booming. Currently, Sheri says they're focused on building the brand and coming up with new products. Soon, Jibbitz will launch a line of wristbands, hats, belts and purses.

Although Sheri's swamped at work, she still manages to be home with her children before school and when they get home each afternoon. What does Lexie think of her parents' sudden success? "I think it's really, really cool because all my friends just really like it because they get free Jibbitz all the time from me," she says.
FROM: Moms Who Made Millions
Published on February 02, 2007