Beyoncé is Sasha Fierce
Singer, actress, fashion designer and new wife—is it any wonder The New York Times calls Beyoncé "the woman with everything"?

With her new album—I Am Sasha Fierce—hitting stores, Beyoncé's been on a whirlwind promotional tour around the world. In just 10 days, she's visited Tokyo; Philadelphia; Miami; London; Liverpool, England; Monte Carlo, Monaco; New York City; Columbus, Ohio—and now Chicago!

Even during the busy times, Beyoncé says she still makes time for herself. "Every seven days I make sure I have at least one day off. But that's just when I'm promoting an album or a movie," she says. She plans to take a full month off at the end of the year. "Maybe go on a boat and stay away from all the cameras. It's the most perfect thing because you feel like you're in your own world and you're protected from everything and you're in the middle of the ocean. You smell it, you hear it. They cook whatever you want. It's perfect."