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Despite her busy schedule, Beyoncé found time to marry hip-hop artist and former Def Jam Records CEO Sean Carter—also known as Jay-Z. "It was very private, and I can say outside it was paparazzi and it was madness, and inside it was really beautiful," she says.

Although she wants to keep the details private, Beyoncé says it isn't easy. "I had to really learn how to have boundaries and how to have balance. It's something that I never have really talked about, and I still feel like it was difficult—and it still is—because I'm so excited about it," she says. "But it's important that I keep things that are pure and real in perspective and I keep it separate from my performance life."

What Beyonceé will say is that it feels great to be married—but it's also important to make a commitment to yourself before walking down the aisle. "Make sure you have your own life before you're someone else's wife," she says.
FROM: Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce
Published on November 13, 2008