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Darren is just 10 years old and, like most boys his age, he loves sports, playing games and going to school. But that's where the similarities end. Diagnosed with the incurable disease of retinitis pigmentosa, Darren lives each day knowing he could go completely blind at any moment. Tired of always getting hit with the ball, due to his impaired sight, Darren gave up his favorite sport of baseball and was just about to lose hope—until one day, when his mother opened the newspaper. Nelacey Porter's story read just like Darren's.

Nelacey also suffers from the same disease. Now at the age of 20, he can barely see. But his disability hasn't prevented him from living his life to the fullest! This summer in Athens, Greece, Nelacey competed in the Paralympics and set a new U.S. record in track.

Back home in Oregon, Darren was cheering on his new hero. He began to believe that anything is possible.

"He's like a big brother," Darren says. "I guess you could say he's a hero, too."
FROM: Tom Hanks and the Person Who Made You Believe
Published on October 26, 2004


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