A volunteer is wired with a microphone before helping Criss Angel with a trick.

On The Best!, illusionist Criss Angel wows the audience with tricks from guessing a correct number to escaping from a straitjacket while suspended in the air. A volunteer from the audience is wired with a microphone before assisting Criss with another very dangerous stunt.
Eric Dane and Oprah

Actor Eric Dane and Oprah share a laugh during his visit to the show.
Eric Dane

Eric shares his pick for the best burrito—one from a restaurant called Yuca's. He even brings some samples for the audience!
Oprah and Dean

Oprah and Dean have a last-minute conversation before the live taping of A Suburban Mother's Nightmare Captured on Tape.
Oprah talks to the press.

Oprah talks to members of the press in Macon, Georgia, before taping the show Oprah Come to My Hometown!
Oprah goes over the show plan.

It's the biggest show of the season! Before revealing more of her favorite things, Oprah goes over the show rundown with Dean and Brian.

Oprah greets the audience on her way into the studio for the show The Secret Language of Babies.
Ben and Aqua

Ben Underwood and his mom, Aqua, walk onstage to talk about how Ben overcame his blindness with his amazing ability to "see" the world through a clicking noise he makes with his tongue.
Oprah poses with a mom and her baby.

Priscilla Dunstan talks about how she can understand what a baby wants or needs simply by listening carefully to the noises he or she makes. She helps several new moms translate their babies' cries and meet their needs.

After the show, one of the moms and her baby pose for a picture with Oprah onstage.

On Oprah and Rachael Ray Throw a Holiday Party, Oprah shares the recipe for her martini of the moment—the pomegranate martini!


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