Behind the Scenes
Dr. Oz, Oprah and Dr. Roizen
Oprah poses for a picture with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen after the show Dr. Oz on Aging: How to Turn Back Time, Part 2fysrtvtybfrxrttx.
He's got four legs, a wet nose, furand he can skateboard with the best of them! Tyson the skateboarding bulldog zooms his way onto the stage during YouTube's Greatest Hits with the Billionaire Founders.
Dean and Oprah
Even Oprah's getting in on the YouTube action! With the help of Dean, the stage manager, Oprah readies her video camera to film special behind-the-scenes clips to feature on YouTube's Oprah Channel at
Oprah interviews Jonathan Kaplan.
After the show, Oprah takes her Flip Video camera by Pure Digital Technologies backstage to interview the company's founder, Jonathan Kaplan.
Oprah takes the stage before the show Beauty Queen Raped by Her Husband.
Oprah and Kelly
Kelly, Oprah's stylist, gives her wardrobe a last-minute adjustment before the show begins.
Lisa Bloch Rodwin and Oprah
After the show, Oprah chats backstage with show guest Lisa Bloch Rodwin.
Charla Krupp, Lloyd Boston, Stacy London and Oprah
Oprah and style gurus Charla Krupp, Lloyd Boston and Stacy London have some fun onstage after the show How to Look Great at Every Age.
Cenell and Oprah
Cenell is all smiles after her frumpy-to-fabulous fashion makeover!
Donny Osmond
He's a little bit rock and roll! Donny Osmond rehearses his performance the night before the taping of Over 100 Osmonds Reunite on Our Stage.
Oprah and the Osmond clan
Oprah holds Ivy, one of the littlest Osmonds, as the entire Osmond clan lines up for a group picture.

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