Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz hangs out onstage while an Oprah staff member talks to the audience. They are getting ready to start taping The Truth About Food with Dr. Oz and Bob Greene.

Before the taping of the show with Dr. Oz begins, Oprah enters the studio, shaking the hands of audience members as she walks to her spot on the stage.
Cameras are rolling!

The cameras are ready to go as final preparations are made before the taping of a show featuring performances by Justin Timberlake, Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson.
Sally Lou onstage

The lights are on, the stage is set—all is ready for Justin, Reba and Kelly to perform! The audience gets to ask final questions before the big show begins.

A makeup artist does some finishing touches before taping begins.
Oprah and Kelly

Before Oscar® winner Sean Penn comes out for his first appearance on The Oprah Show, Oprah's stylist, Kelly, helps her fix a wayward earring.
Oprah and Dean

During a break in the show Growing up Intersex, Oprah and stage manager Dean get ready for the next segment.

It's show time! As the audience looks on, Oprah wraps up the taping of Growing Up Intersex at Harpo Studios.
FROM: Growing Up Intersex
Published on September 21, 2007


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