Oprah talks to Chris Brown and his little brothers.

After giving one of his fans the surprise of a lifetime and then performing some of his greatest hits on Oprah's stage, hip-hop performer Chris Brown introduces Oprah to his little brothers.
Chris Brown and the other Oprah Winfrey

Chris Brown poses with the other Oprah Winfrey backstage. The 12-year-old Oprah got the opportunity to meet the woman she was named for—and a hip hop star on the same day! "I like my name a lot," she says.
The Harris family and Oprah

Oprah talks to Gigi and Greg Harris about their son's voluntary manslaughter conviction at age 13.
Oprah talks to the audience.

Oprah has a chat with the audience after the taping of Are You Ready for a Windfall?
The Peetes and Oprah

Oprah shares a laugh with the Peetes during the taping of Fascinating Families.
Reggie Wells and Oprah

Oprah's makeup artist Reggie Wells dashes out during a break for a quick touch-up and talk with Oprah.
Maria Shriver and Oprah

Oprah and longtime friend Maria Shriver share a laugh
Oprah and Dean

Stage manager Dean gives Oprah a few last-minute updates before she gets ready to talk via Skype to women who have been affected by Maria Shriver's book Just Who Will You Be?

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