The cast of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

After the show The Cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show Reunites, the stars gather for a group photo.
Harpo crew members pose with the cast of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'

Harpo crew members who helped make the historic Mary Tyler Moore Show reunion possible pose with the legendary television stars.
Oprah greets audience members.

Oprah greets audience members before the show Take 10 Years Off Your Looks Makeovers begins taping.
Kathy Freston and Oprah

Between segments, best-selling author and spiritual counselor Kathy Freston applauds Oprah's decision to try a 21-day cleanse.
OCD sufferers watch footage of their therapy sessions.

The six men and women featured on Dr. Oz Goes to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Camp watch footage of their therapy sessions with Dr. Jonathan Grayson, a leading OCD expert.
Dean and Nate Berkus

Dean, the stage manager, breaks down the show plan for designer Nate Berkus before the taping of Nate Builds a Dream House.
Izzy hugs Oprah.

Nate and the dream home team gather on the stage so the Hale-Jo family can give them a big thank you for building them a new home.

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