Oprah with Drew and his parents

Oprah chats with 5-year-old Drew and his family during a commercial break of The Big Give Finale with the Million-Dollar Winner .
Oprah and Dean

The Oprah Show goes green! Oprah gets a little help from stage manager Dean as she prepares for Oprah's Earth Day Event .
Oprah, Julia Roberts and Sophie Uliano

Oprah reviews her notes to prepare for a segment on eco-friendly beauty products with Julia Roberts and green expert Sophie Uliano.
Oprah introduces Al Gore to Julia Roberts.

After the cameras stop rolling, Al Gore and Julia Roberts get a chance to meet and chat about an issue they both feel strongly about: the environment.
John Quinones and Oprah

Oprah and John Quiñones chat with the audience before What Would You Do? begins taping.
Oprah greets Amy and Matt Roloff.

Oprah welcomes Amy and Matt Roloff to the stage during American's Favorite Little People Family Plus the Jonas Brothers Phenomenon .
The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers walk out to an audience filled with some of their biggest fans.
Oprah and the Jonas Brothers

A crowd of Jonas Brothers fans who didn't get a ticket to The Oprah Show are waiting outside Harpo Studios…Oprah and the guys plan a surprise meet and greet.
The Jonas Brothers fans

A crowd of elated Jonas Brothers fans waiting outside get a quick hello from Oprah and their favorite band.
Outdoor living set

It takes a village! The crew sets up the all-weather décor Nate Berkus picked out for an outdoor living room during Nate's Kitchen of the Year Makeover!
Nate and Oprah

Nate sips on iced tea and has laugh with Oprah during a commercial break.
FROM: Nate's Kitchen of the Year Makeover!
Published on January 01, 2006


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