Behind the Scenes
Dean and Nate
Dean, the stage manager, breaks down the show plan for designer Nate Berkus before the taping of Nate Builds a Dream House .
Izzy hugs Oprah
Nate and the dream home team gather on the stage so the Hale-Jo family can give them a big thank you for building them a new home.
David Cassidy
Pop star David Cassidy and his band prepare to perform his hit song "I Think I Love You" on the show '70s Sensation David Cassidy and the Cosby Kids—Where Are They Now? .
After a break, Oprah introduces the next segment of the show.
The Huxtable kids take the stage.
For years, Americans spent their evenings with the lovable Huxtable family in their Brooklyn home. So when Oprah Show producers decided to stage a reunion of The Cosby Show kids, they also constructed an exact replica of their iconic living room.
Oprah says one last goodbye to the crowd after the taping of Suicide, Lies, Debt: A Suburban Nightmare .
Samuel and Justine
Before the show "I Love You" Surprises , a man named Samuel proposes to his girlfriend, Justine, in the audience.
The studio
The show photographer, George, captures a snapshot of the view Oprah sees every day as she walks into the studio.
Carson, Michael, Oprah and Anita
Oprah chats with show guests Michael, Anita and Carson Kressley during a break in the show How to Look Good Naked .