An Oprah Show producer, Dean, Dr. Oz and Oprah

During a break in the show The Latest Secrets to Quit Smoking, Dr. Oz and Oprah consult with an Oprah Show producer and Dean, the stage manager.
A group of smokers line up for a picture.

 A group of smokers who told their stories on The Oprah Show line up for a picture after the show.
The crew sets the stage.

The crew puts the finishing touches on a colorful set for Oprah's conversation with Dylan Lauren, the founder of the Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan.
Dr. Brent Glass and Oprah shake hands.

Oprah shakes hands with Dr. Brent Glass, director of the National Museum of American History. Dr. Glass is on the show to display the pair of ruby slippers Judy Garland wore during the filming of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz.
The ruby slippers must be handled with care.

Museum employees cover the ruby slippers in glass and—with armed guards keeping watch—oh-so-carefully remove them from the stage after the show.
Oprah and Julie

Oprah Show producer Julie goes over the script with Oprah during a break.
Oprah interviews Casey Affleck.

 Oprah talks to Oscar® nominee Casey Affleck via satellite during the show Meet the Oscar Nominees.
A cameraman

 Cameras roll during the taping of an episode of The Oprah Show.
Dean stands near the teleprompter.

Dean gives Oprah a countdown as she reads the teleprompter before a commercial break.

Oprah talks to a member of the audience during the show Adult Children of Divorce Confront Their Parents.
FROM: Adult Children of Divorce Confront Their Parents
Published on January 25, 2008


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